Wagner Intercooler Vw Audi 2.0Tfsi 2.0Tdi Mk5 Mk6



Suitable on :

-CNC machined hose connection for maximum pressure stability.
-Internal air guide inside the endtank for uniform air distribution.

The WAGNERTUNING Competition Intercooler Kit made for the VAG 2.0 TFSI / TSI engine fits in to:

• Audi A3 8P 1,8 TFSI 118KW/160PS (2007-2012)
• Audi A3 8P 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2004-2012)
• Audi S3 8P 195KW/265PS (2006-2012)
• Audi TT 8J 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2014)
• Audi TT 8J 2,0 TFSI 147-155KW/200-211PS (2006-2014) (does not Fit cars with Engine Code CETA; CESA)
• Audi TTS 8J 200KW/272PS (2008-2014) (does not Fit cars with Engine Code CETA; CESA)

• Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI (incl. ED 30) 147-169KW/200-230PS (2004-2008)
• Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI (incl. ED 35) (Cabrio) 155-173KW/211-235PS (2009-2013) (USA – does not Fit cars with Engine Code CBFA 2011+)
• Volkswagen Golf 6 R (incl. Cabrio) 199KW/270PS (2009-2013)
• Volkswagen Scirocco 3 2,0 TSI 147-162KW/200-220PS (2008-2015)
• Volkswagen Scirocco 3 R 195-206KW/265-280PS (2009-2015)
• Volkswagen EOS 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2006-2009)
• Volkswagen EOS 2,0 TFSI 155KW/211PS (2009-2014)
• Volkswagen Jetta 5 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2005-2010)
• Volkswagen Jetta 6 2,0 TSI 147-155KW/200-211PS (2010-2014)
• Volkswagen Passat B6 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2007-2010)
• Volkswagen Passat B6 2,0 TSI 147KW/200PS (2005-2010)
• Volkswagen Passat B7 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2010-2012)
• Volkswagen Passat B7 2,0 TSI 155KW/211PS (2010-2014)
• Volkswagen Passat CC 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2012)
• Volkswagen Passat CC 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2008-2010)
• Volkswagen Passat CC 2,0 TSI 155KW/211PS (2010-2014)
• Volkswagen Beetle 2,0 TSI 147-162KW/200-220PS (2011-)

• Skoda Octavia 1Z 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2013)
• Skoda Octavia 1Z MK2 RS 147KW/200PS (2005-2009)
• Skoda Octavia 1Z MK2 RS 155KW/211PS (2009-2013)
• Skoda Suberb 3T 2,0 TSI 147KW/200PS (2010-2013)

• Seat Leon 1P 1,8 TFSI 118KW/160PS (2009-2012)*
• Seat Leon 1P 2,0 TFSI 136KW/185PS (2005-2006)*
• Seat Leon 1P FR 147KW/200PS (2006-2009)*
• Seat Leon 1P FR 155KW/211PS (2009-2012)*
• Seat Leon 1P Cupra 177KW/241PS (2007-2011)*
• Seat Leon 1P Cupra R 195KW/265PS (2009-2012)*
• Seat Leon 1P Copa Edition 210KW/286PS (2008)*
• Seat Leon 1P Cupra R310 LE 228KW/310PS (2009-2012)*
• Seat Leon 1P Cupra R310 WCE 228KW/310PS (2009-2012)*

* slight modifications to the vehicle required

Product SKU :
Wg 1034


All Wagner intercoolers have a 2-year warranty and are built in cast aluminum with ceramic treatment for better temperature dissipation.
The radiant mass measures 610mm x 440mm x 65mm / 17.45Lt) providing a 10% larger face and 50% more air volume than the original Audi S3 intercooler. While still maintaining sufficient air flow to the water radiator. Very lightweight (8 kg S3 OEM / Wagner-tuning 9.2kg). The input and output are enlarged (Ø 67mm), therefore, this kit is supplied with corresponding pair of silicon fittings and bands.


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