Intercooler Wagner Audi 2.0 Tdi A4 A5 Genuine

 670.00  630.00


Compatible car models

Technical features :

2.0 TDI Audi A4 B8 (100-130KW / 136-177 Cv)
Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TDI B8 (100-130KW / 136-177 Cv)
Audi A5 2.0 TDI (100-130KW / 136-177 Cv)
Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI (100-130KW / 136-177 Hp)

Product SKU :
Wagner Audi A4 A5 2.0tdi


Fantastic Wagner intercooler. For those who need after the ECU programming and to keep the situation unchanged, or for those who have worked on turbo and so on. You can’t really do without this intercooler. Leading brand and those who love sporty driving and more, each Wagner Intercooler has a special coating that helps dissipate heat better and efficiently allows proper heat dissipation


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